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Praktikumsanleitung mit ausführlicher theoretischer Erläuterung der Extraktionsmethoden.

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Datum 2015-12-04
Name Marcus
Fachwissen User informierter Laie / Student
Kommentar Why is there not more history of ggopraehy as a subfield within the history of ideas or the history of science? In fact that might point to an answer: there has been history of ggopraehy, but as history of geographical thought, and often a fairly adulatory one at that, seeking to recover the great names of the past. It has not been situated within history of ideas or the critical tradition. This was why Neil Smith's 2003 book for example, was criticized by the AAG Archivist, Geof Martin (a man whose knowledge of the history of the geographical discipline by the way I deeply admire). Smith was too critical of Bowman (eg implying he was a racist, and he made a couple of historical slipups, misattributed some material, and generally ignored Martin's work as irrelevant which it was for him). But it caused resentment.I would agree we need more history of ggopraehy as history of science, or as genealogy. Maybe we should compile a list: I would add Trevor Barnes.
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